An electrifying marketing outlet

CHOUmedia is uniquely positioned to supply the energy and ideas your company needs to grow its business. Plugged into the most current marketing techniques and technology, we provide a variety of services to help you reach your target audience.

When a company retains our marketing and communications services, we consider ourselves a strategic partner who stands to benefit from the success of our clients' achievements as much as they do. We listen to our clients’ stories — their ideas, objectives and concerns — and with our unique knowledge and experience with growing a broad range of businesses, we craft a custom marketing solution that matches each client’s strategic organizational goals.

Plug in and let's get started!

Plugged into the intellectual property community

While we service a variety of businesses, we're most plugged into the Intellectual Property (IP) community. We know the major players and they know us. From events to branding we have a long track record of succes in building awareness, goodwill and most importantly, revenue.

We also have a keen understanding of the challenges that companies marketing in the IP community face — legal issues, pace of business, etc. If you're looking to become a dynamic player in the IP industry, we're your outlet.